Craft Vendors…

Vendor Name Type of Vending
Mt Jackson United Methodist Women – Kitchen Ware / Baked Goods
Mt Calvary Lutheran Church – Apple Butter
Morning Star – Apple Butter
Ralph Lonas – Handmade Baskets
Ronnie Buchanan – Artwork
Premier Designers – Jewelry
Bo Wills – Blacksmith Art Decor
C. Neff – Clay Creations
Melodie May – Wild Tree Products
B&N Crafts – Scroll Art
Jack Zerkel – Handmade Wooden Toys
C & B Country Store – Apples
Patty Spitler – Crochet Crafts
G&G Ceramics – Ceramics
Barb’s Angles – Handmade Angels / Misc
Bruce Dellinger – Art
Nelson Fisher – Custom Woodwork
Shenae Frazier – Handmade Crafts
Shaunna Bowers Sine – Scentsy Candles
Jaci Sauer – Children’s Handmade Clothing
Karen Marshall – Candy / Hats / Flags
Deb Oden – Homemade Jams / Jellies
Battlefield Foundation – Civil War Display
Gunner’s Survival Bracelets
Valley Sports Connection – Custom Clothing
Shen Paco – Handmade Crafts
Mt Jackson Rotary – Throws, etc
Shenandoah County Humane Society – Pet Adoption
Woodturner’s of the Virginians
Joyce Fulcher – Primitives
Joanna Hill – Javita / Crafts
Michelle Dove – Jewelry

One Response to Craft Vendors…

  1. patricia walker says:

    will the man that makes hand made apple cider be coming, glad to see the apples are coming back this year.

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